Composure SUSPENDED in play mode

I have a simple Media Player and is receiving video feed from camera via HDMI, On Begin Play in the Level Blueprint I open the Media Player and play. If I create a plane and apply the material it works. The problem is that when I click play composure is not working in play mode but in the Preview com I can see that it’s working… Could you help me? I’m new to this and I need to go in play mode to get the data from vive tracker.
Here’s a quick video: Composure - YouTube

Try adding Player Viewport in the output

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Yess, I figured it out! Thank you!

Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem but I’m not able to solve it. I’ve added the Player Viewport in the output but the composure is still in suspended state. It’s a simple composition with a single layer replicating a cinecamera. What do you think I’m missing? Tested with 4.25.4 and 4.26.1.
Thank you.

Hi, Could you please describe how you get that Player Viewport object? I have only Player Viewport Composing Output