Composure structure for multiple shots and viewport problems

So I am replicating basic compositing sequence from a traditional edit or composite software in UE4 for realtime 3D content creation preview.

I have a master sequence and shots broken into level sequences on a shots track.
In each shot level sequence I have multiple Media tracks all connected to image sequences and animation tracks playing the 3D actor animations.
I have set up a composure compositing element for the first shot and have a blueprint to composite all layers to create the final composite.
So far so good, I have one shot looking perfect and it plays back in the composite preview perfectly once I play the sequence.

Problem 1
When we go to the 2nd shot, it has a different arrangement of composite elements in the level sequence.
Can you have different composites for each shot or do you need to keep the same composite for all shots?

I can reuse the existing media textures and the same composite can be used again but any missing elements in this shot show up as black. I tried putting a CompParamsCollection in with a switch for each layer and that works but it makes the blueprint and composure view pretty messy.

Has anyone tried this before? IF you have multiple composites how do you play back a master level sequence viewing all composites. There doesnt seem to be a way to link a sequence to a composite specifically.

Problem 2
Seperately and related to composites, there doesnt seem to be a way to display a composite in a viewport with the cinematic controls. The preview can appear as a thumbnail or its own Preview Window but not as a full viewport with cinematic controls. This seems really disconnected to me. If you are editing a sequence you want to be able to link the sequence and viewport to a composite and see it in the viewer full screen with playback controls.

Is there any way to have the cine camera render the Composite output pass Render Target?