Composure: Matte Elements not working inside 4.27

I received a project from a client that is meant to be used with live compositing with composure and I noticed very quickly that the matte elements are not working.

To test it out, I made 2 fresh blank projects (one in 4.26 and another in 4.27) and made a quick composure comp with nothing but a matte element. I added a cube to both projects and added that cube to a layer and told the matte element to only include that layer. In 4.26, I can see the cube while I cannot in 4.27. Is there a new flag I need to set somewhere or is this a bug in 4.27?

Yes I am having this same issue. V4.26 Matte Elements work as they should. In V4.27 they do not work. In fact foreground layers alpha does not work. Could someone please address what we need to do in V4.27 to get the same behavior of 4.26 with alpha on foreground layers in composure? THANK YOU!!!

Have you find the answare?

No solution yet; we ended up migrating the project to 4.26

This works for me in 4.27.2 if the setting for enabling alpha channel support is set to “allow through tonemapper”. Under project settings - engine - rendering - post-processing.