Composure frame rate drops

Hello, when adding different Composure layers the frame rate drops dramatically. We have noticed it wasn’t happening in 4.25, but happening now in 4.16. Is this a bug? Many thanks.

We are using this for virtual production with a Blackmagic Decklonk 8K Pro, but the performance hit happens even when doing this without the card and with no video in or out. The mere fact of adding the different layers one by one comes a massive frame rate drop.

We need this to work ASAP again. Please help!!

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We’ve made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.


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Thanks , I believe the link you mention is the same link that I used to pos the bug. However I think this wasn’t an actual bug but a result of using Composure with Ray Tracing enabled. Hope this helps if anyone bumps into this post.

Many thanks altogether and apologies for my late reply.



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I went through the exact same problem and indeed, Ray Tracing being enabled is the issue. I’m really lucky to have found your post actually, otherwise I would still be looking. I never would have thought Ray Tracing was the problem.

However, do you understand why Composure can’t be used with Ray Tracing without such an FPS drop ? I did a lot of researches on my own and I haven’t found any “official” information stating that Composure shouldn’t be paired with Ray Tracing. And I can’t quite believe that all the studios using Composure with Unreal Engine are purposely deactivating RTX ?

If you have any other insights or informations about this issue, I’d be more than happy to hear. Thanks a lot !


EDIT : Performed some more tests, and as it turns out disabling Ray Tracing does improve the performances, but I am still undergoing quite the FPS drop. I lose approximitely 40fps per Layer with and 20fps per Layer without Ray Tracing. My scene is the simpliest it can be : Sky Sphere, Light Source, 1 Plane, 3 Cylinders and 1 CineCameraActor. These FPS drops don’t make any sense to me, whether Ray Tracing is enabled in the project or not. This is infuriating :confused: