Composure and Blackmagic performance


I’m working on a multicam Virtual Production set, based on Blackmagic workflow.
I have three Comp, in my composure panel and I monitor the performance with the Timestep meter. It happens that having overlaying CG layers in these Comps drop frame “too much” I mean that the mere existence of these layers, even if disabled, drops frames from 25 fps to 8 fps. Even if these layers are empty.

It seems like there is some sort of overload besides the layers and scene complexity.
I have a very powerful machine with a RTX 2080ti, raytrace is off and the scene is not that complex.

Also happens that if you click the red dot on these layers and then turn off it again somehow is like it continue to consider it active in terms of computing fatigue.

My question is Are you aware of some sort of optimization when you work with multiple output from composure?

Thank you

frame drops could result from heavy file cash, even though your compositing something is making a bottleneck your pipeline, you also need to be spastic of your actions, you cant get help here if you dont provide more details

The setting of the level is so complex and articulated I don’t really know where to start to be more specific. That’s why I asked if you are aware of optimization for Composure, to be more specific related to multi-output, which I am pretty sure is where the problem relies.

For example… documentation says that “Nesting elements determines the render order of the Elements used in the composition”, but the render order is in the Post Process material in the top Comp Layer, am I wrong?

“For portability and ease of use within the scene, be sure that your Elements are added to their own sub-Level. Since they are Level Actors, it lets you load your compositing tree in other Levels that you would potentially open.”
This is quite obscure to me.

And finally:
what is the relationship between the output button near the Composure layers and the Play button? Sometimes I output my composition at solid 25 fps, but when I hit play it just drops.

Or how can I be more specific? What kind of details do you need?

Hey @FavioA, I am also dealing with the same issues, just creating a layer in composure drops the framerate. Do you have any input that you learned for optimizing composure?