Composite static meshes

Has anyone had any experience with these? As in with merging several meshes into a single one, saving and then reusing it? I spent a long time making one of these out of some rocks, but although it shows perfectly fine in the editor, I just can’t get it to show up in the game… Any ideas?

Elaborate on what you mean by they dont show up in game. Are they displaying the grey grid material, not visible at all, only visible in certain cases, etc? And what are you trying to do with the rocks, are they a placeable item or what? And lastly, when does the issue occur. If they are placeable can you see the greentrace or not?

These kinds of issues its very hard to figure out the issue especially remotely if we only have the info you have given. By composite mesh are you saying you added multiple meshes as components to one main mesh? If this is the case you shouldn’t have any visual issues if the mesh involves only static meshes and no animations are used. Make sure all of the static meshes you used are either included in the vanilla game files or your mod folder. If they are not vanilla game files you will need to include the mesh, material, and textures for each mesh used.

The mesh you create aswell as the ones you use must be located inside the mod folder your using so Mods/Yourmod/Assets, if they are not inside the folder your cooking then the mesh will not be in the game

Thank you both, kind of fixed now! Even though some of these answers are redundant now, I’ll give you some more details; it might help with my next question: The mesh wasn’t visible in the game at all; it’s not a placeable item, just an asset in the environment; by composite mesh I do mean adding multiple meshes as components to form one main mesh; no animations are used; textures are from the game’s own files, and adding the new mesh to the mods folder did the trick.

But how can I make the composite mesh cook with the sublevel that is using it, so that others using the mod wouldn’t have to manually add the mesh to their folders?

Not entirely sure what you mean by this…

If you’re referring to players downloading the mod from the Workshop, then they don’t need to do anything?


They dont need to but you do, They will download the meshes with the mod/map

How strange! Reinstalling the Dev Kit fixed it. I didn’t even have to change any folder/file locations. Thanks guys for the help though, I still learned a thing or two! :slight_smile:


I was under the impression that creating a composite mesh and using it instead of many individual meshes would result in a simpler and more resource-friendly shape. I can tell this is not the case by looking at the wireframe and triangle/vertex count in the mesh editor and also the fact that the game takes a while to start and seems to hang a bit when loading these specifically. Making a composite mesh seems to only merge the original meshes together and still keep all their ‘sides’, even those sides that are ‘inside’ each other. Is there a way in the editor to prevent this or change the mesh after it’s been created or do I need to resort to another program? :-/

The in game tools will not do that for you, it basically has no way of knowing what you do or don’t want visible, you will have to export it into an external program and do it manually.

That was my suspicion too… Thank you! What would be the easiest/quickest to learn external tool to do it with?

Blender is pretty good for being free. Tons of tutorials out there and it can be used to rig and animate as well as creating/editing mesh’s

It all depends what you can get your hands on. If you are a student you can get access to Autodesk Maya for free, which is normally a $3,000+ program used for modeling and animation. Other than that you can get Blender for free, 3Ds MAX for roughly the same as Maya, but its more modeling without the animation, ZBrush runs about 700 i think. Then there Substance and 3D coat which are both 100-150, and things like mudbox as well… honestly depends what exactly you are trying to do and what you can get. Blender is the cheapest and easiest option though as it is free through steam.

Thanks guys, I’ll have a look around!