Composite Plates


I just found out that 4.25 includes a new feature called Composite Plates, which is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately there seems to be no documentation about it. I enabled it and added it to a project and then fed my camera signal as a texture. I can’t find out to project the signal to a mesh in the scene.

Does anybody have any advice on how to use this object?

Thank you.

Look in Details, there is Projection part, where you can set a projection mesh

Thank you. I tried to update this message after I found the solution but I was not allowed.

I found the solution. In the Camera details, you need to go to the Projection section and add an element and set it to the reference to the object that will receive the projection. It works like a charm! It’s perfect. Thank you very much for adding this feature.

I have another question. The included Keyer is rather primitive, not at the same level as the Media Plate included in the **Composure **plugin. Is there a way of either replacing the keyer or to make a keyed texture to feed to the Composite Plate camera?

Thank you in advance.

Is there a way to have more control over keying and material passes ( for spills, etc)?