Composite an image from different sprites

Hi guys
im trying to put a character talking during dialogues(2d avatar of the character) and I want to have different transparent sprites for the brows, eyes and mouth(so actual empty head would be the background layer). I’m just not sure whats a good practice on how to composite all these layers together, knowing that I need control on what emotion to have(im thinking of using enums) for the different parts/emotions- So basically a way to easily replace these sprites by other ones(and sometimes animated, like a mouth moving)
Also knowing that the final result should be(an image?) that i can use on a widget in umg

If anyone could point me in the right direction much appreciated.

You could use overlay container widget, with images positioned inside it on Canvas slot, and then bind which texture each image uses AND its desired position on the canvas, to a function that checks your emote Enum variable or a Map between those values, and lerping toward it.

thanks, that seems like it is going to work

I hope so! I’m totally guessing up a solution here :slight_smile: