Composer, Sound Designer

My name is Alexander Falinski and I’m freelance composer from Ukraine.
I created the music for more than 40 games, the most famous of which are: Planetbase, Cut the Rope, Tap the Frog 2, Feed Me Oil 2, Lep’s World 3.

Some of my music:
Steambot: Old Hopes
Through Dreams
Poor Cube: Game Theme
Inbetween Land: Mystic
Duck Destroyer: Trailer





Thank you.

One more epic track:
Hyper Driving

Demo Reel

Music from unreleased game:
Main Theme
Gameplay Mix

Medieval/Fantasy mix from my elder projects. The first piece from Ascension to the Throne.

New royalty free music:

Comedian music for ridiculous moments. Slow pizzicato rhythm with a low tuba and melodies of smooth woodwinds. It sounds like someone awkwardly sneaks.*

Very positive music with a funny voice bass, cartoon percussion, marimba and soft ukulele.

A focused light bulb tester discovers he is the last remaining worker at his now abandoned factory. After finding his lights piled up in a warehouse, he searches for a purpose for his lights, and a way to restore the factory to its former glory.
Created by Jeffrey Meacham & Michael Rootare
Thesis Blog -
Produced at the School of Visual Arts
Music by Alexander Falinski

Planetbase: Game Theme 7

Planetbase: Game Theme 8


LightSlinger Heroes music:
Dungeon Theme
Boss Theme