Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Implementer

Hello, I’m Alexander Harder

I’m a composer, sound designer, and audio implementer. I have experience working in with the audio systems in Unreal, Fmod, and Wwise. I have worked on the mobile game Hyper Thunder Run 198X (an action infinite runner where I composed 1980’s metal) and the VR experience Joycestick (Joycestick: The Gamification of 'Ulysses').

I’m highly adaptable to a projects time frame and budget. My specialties in music are electronic, pop, rock, and hybrid orchestral music. I can also compose for blues, jazz, and hip hop.

If you want to get in touch about a project or want to hear a demo you can contact me at:

-Alexander J. Harder

do you have a demo reel showing in-game footage that utilizes sounds that you have created and implemented?