[Composer • Producer • Sound Designer] (Audio Director) FREE & PAID! You choose the plan.

Hello everyone,

My name is Pavlos Kyriakou and I am a 25 year old professional Composer, Producer and Sound Designer for Video Games, Films and Television.

I have a degree on Music Composition, Music Production and Sound Engineering. I already have 2 years of experience in the video game industry by working for a well known indie MMORPG that is currently under development called Age of Aincrad. I compose music and do sound effects for them. I own a home studio with a very good equipment which I am able to mix and master my own songs to give them a high quality professional sound instead of sending them to a third party and pay them to do it for me, like many others do. The reason I am looking for more projects to work on is because I want to compose music for amazing games that give me the opportunity to tell a story (which is something you cannot do while composing for MMORPGs because you basically compose music for a specific area in the game than having a storyline.), create original soundtracks for them and fill my portfolio in the process as well.

Hire me for FREE:
If you want I can work on your project for free if I like it and think it is a great opportunity for me to work on it. However, I will keep all the rights to the music that I create for your project so I can later sell the soundtrack of the game and gain some income out of it. (The music will be exclusive for your project though. I will not be able to use it anywhere else.)
Hire me with a payment:**
If you want to offer me a paid job then just contact me to talk about pricing, negotiations and such.

This is my portfolio website to listen to my music and learn more about me: http://www.pavloskyriakou.com/

If the songs that I currently have in my portfolio website are not enough to convince you about my skills in music composition because the music style is different than you want for your project but you really liked the high quality of my work then I would happily take a really short assignment of your project to compose music on it that you will be able to keep for free even if you do not accept my application. Just for you to listen to it and see if I am equipped enough to compose music for your project in more depth.

You can use any of the following methods at this link to contact me: http://www.pavloskyriakou.com/Contact/

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