Composer (orchestral & Electronic) available!

My name is Simon Felix, and I am a composer/producer based in Ghent, Belgium. I started out in the electronic music scene, but gradually branched out to orchestral music and soundtracks.
Here you can listen to some of my work: An action packed sci-fi theme. A dark orchestral theme, work in progress. A playful theme for one of the characters of an upcoming RPG. A soothing piano theme made for a cancelled project. A theme I made for an upcoming survival/adventure game. Think hall of a dwarven king. Oriental themed piece A bit gothic themed, think Danny Elfman. Title says it all, could be a theme for an adventure or point-and-click game. Calming ambient piece, with flutes.

I hope you enjoy, and feel free to contact me at, or send me a PM, if you are interested in working together. You can follow me on twitter here:
Rates are negotiable.

Some new music on soundcloud:

Still looking for additional projects! Might be interested in revenue-share if the project is near completion.

Here is a new piece I composed recently:…