Composer for Hire


I am a composer looking for more work to expand my portfolio.

I will do almost any style of music, although my primary style is intense/emotional music.

Here is a small playlist of some samples I have put together in the last couple of days:



Price will vary from piece to piece depending on complexity and total run time.
I can be negotiated to do some work for free if the circumstances are right.
Payment will only be required if the piece is satisfactory.


If you hire me to write a piece for you then this will be my process.

I will write the piece and then send you a sample with watermarks.
If you decide you like the piece then I will request payment.
Once payment is confirmed I will send you the full track with no watermark.



Additional Information:

I work out of Australia but location is not a big deal with music.
Unfortunately English is the only language I speak.
Available 7 days a week on UTC +9:30 Timezone.