Composer (All Genres) Looking for a new projects

Hello everyone!

I am a composer and sound designer for online media & video games. I have over 8 years experience as an audio production professional in recording, mixing, mastering, sound editing, along with a formal background as a multi-instrumentalist musician/composer.

Work Experience:***

Company: Duaik Entertainment Studio
Composer and Sound Designer (Free Lancer)
Job Assignment: Responsible for the Sound Effects and the Soundtrack for the game Aritana and the Harpy´s Feather, awarded with Best Desktop Game and Best Sound at 2014 SBGames, People´s Choice at the 2014 Big Festival and 2014 TGA Best Brazilian Game.

Company: MTV Brasil
Soundtrack Composer (Free Lancer)
Soundtrack composer for many MTV Brasil television and web advertisements; Soundtrack and sound designer for MTV Brasil advergames.

2014 SBGames Award - Best Sound Winner (Aritana and the Harpy´s Feather)
2015 Concurso de Composição Opus - Best Original Music

Some of my works: