Composed objects (multiple static meshes)?


I’m trying to find i a way to create objects with multiple static mesh components.

The idea is that i could apply a force to one of the static meshes, and the whole (solid) composed mesh would move along.

I’ve been looking for other answers to this but with no success, looking at vehicles c++ code i get the idea that wheels are added as shapes and so belong to the same physical object (that is usual in physics engine) but its taking me some time, and i’m not sure that can be done with bp.

Using constrains may be an option? In that case how can i add them procedurally, and ensure that their starting position will not affect the outcome of applying force to one of the meshes? I simply want to glue them.

Thanks for the help.

PS - If i could glue multiple actors (or subcomponents of them) would be even better.