Componet's world is valid, but owner's is not valid

I call some component’s function from BP, then from that function call owner’s function. And all I can’t understand what happens next. GetWorld() in component returns valid pointer, but in actor GetWorld() return not valid. And in log prints what I’m trying to destroy ‘BP_Test.Default__BP_Test_C’ but actor name is ‘BP_Test_C_0’. What means ‘Default__’? And how can I fix all that stuff? Where could I make a mistake? All code executes on dedicated server.

Screens: 1 - Component’s function code, 2 - Actor’s function code, 3 - Log

Ok, I don’t know how it works, but I deleted Intermediate and Saved folder, recompiled project - now all work as it should work. I think it was kind of local bug