Components Windows cannot be found - NEWBIE!!

Anybody can tell me why I can’t found my components window?
I’m following the unreal’s documentation but until I don’t resolve this step I can’t go on.
I hope you can help me because for me it became very frustrating situation.
Thank you and bye!!

You can look under “Window->Components” in the menu strip at the top.


Unfortunately I had already checked…

Which components window are you looking for?
The one I mentioned is for Blueprint’s.

Also in this case I can’t see the component item. How is it possible?

That’s what the manual says about it…
doc ue4 window shot_component.JPG

AFAIK Level blueprints DO not have components, Only those derived from Actor and Actor component’s may also have.

you’re right dave. It appears when I open a class blueprint.
Thank you man!

Your welcome.