Components' Opacity Changes Between Two Same Value Keys In Widget Animation

Hello there, my problem is components’ (border, button, text) opacities change on their own between two same valued keys. For example, a border’s opacity at 0th second is set to 0.5 with a key. And it’s set to 0.5 again with another key at the 5th second. The problem is, it’s not staying at 0.5 between them. It increases to around 0.573 till halfway and goes back to 0.5 again at the second key. I couldn’t find any solution to this.

Tried deleting and re-adding keys but nothing changes. Opacity or maybe other contants increases and decreases on itself between two same value keys.

I solved the problem. Updating for future searchers. I simply add the 0.5 valued key randomly and tested everytime. After I put one to some place random between the two main keys with the same value, I didn’t experienced the increase and decrease. It got stable at 0.5 all the way.