Components are no longer editable after Closing and Opening Blueprint

Issue: Multiple blueprint components started existing in a state that can only be described as TRUEFALSE. As in, they exist and don’t exist at the same .

Here is a screenshot of the issue in action, happened more than I’d have loved it to happen:

Project Files: MEGA
Project Files contain everything needed to look at the issue and should open without any missing references and stuff. The Blueprint affected is “GameJam/Blueprints/Tilemaps/SciFi/SciFi_1x1_T-Crossing” and nothing I did made them go back to their old editable self.

Still have not figured out how to fix this, even when recreating the blueprint from scratch I end up with this. I may be a bit salty, but I think this [diagram applies here][1].

Edit: [I broke it even more!][2] I think I should definitely switch to C++ at this point, my Game Jam entry is ruined anyway.


So the added components are not editable, not the inherited ones. correct?

Hey ,

the added components (now even the inherited components) vanished from the component list and can’t be edited. You got that right.

None of them are called, those a purely visual blueprints. You can also see the madness that spawns when you change a parent blueprint.

  • Xaymar


Have downloaded. What are you looking at altering?

Ok, you have use of a lot of components, but I can not see them referenced.

Where is the box being called? I can not see anything in construction or Event graph?

Can you help me with this?


I can see all the variables, which file are they being inherited from?

What are you trying to do?

Hi ,

the variables are just fine. It’s the components that disappear from the component list - they aren’t inherited, that’s the issue.

I’m trying to edit components which belong to the open blueprint.

Edit: It has one positive thing though, the ■■■■ thumbnail looks better than it did without this glitch.

There does not seem to be a solution to this as it is a file corruption. Closing as unsolveable/unreproduceable.