Components added to player move faster then Player

Hello everyone, so i just built the 4.9 from source and i started a complete blank project with no starter pack. i then created a gamemode blueprint, then a Player. i when to input in project settings and created W A S D keys for movement. i then opened the player Event Graph Created the basic blueprints to move and it works! but now here’s the issue. i go to viewport and add Component and Select the Leap Motion Controller so i can use the hands attached to the player so when i walk the hands follow, well thats not the case. when i try walking. the hands move away from the player at almost 2x the speed of the player. i dont know why. i went through every setting. i made sure the component was child to the Mesh and Capsule Parent. i tried the “Auto attach to Player” but then the hands dont even show up then. Im at a loss with this. i just want to move the player with the leap motion controller to follow so hands are always on view

Thanks for the help if possible!


It’s a preview. I wouldn’t rely on it’s functionality. But it would be nice from a dev to confirm if this is a bug.