Components added outside constructor are deleted after Hot-Reloading

Components added outside constructors are deleted after Hot-Reloading if re-instanciating is needed. I’m using 4.6.

Here’s a small project to reproduce the issue

To reproduce the issue :

  • Add a MyActor to the level.
  • Click Spawn Component in the Details panel.
  • If you click Log Components you should see that now the actor has a SceneRoot component and a MyActorComponent component.
  • Go to ActorComponent.h, uncomment the dumbProperty member and recompile.
  • Now the actor has been re-initialized and MyActorComponent has been destroyed, if you click Log Components only the SceneRoot is still there.

(BTW, I can’t attach files in Firefox, Chrome works fine, though)

Hey TS100101,

This bug has been fixed by our 4.7 preview build. Thanks for your thorough report and repro project - it made the bug much easier to test!



Thank you Jonathan, this is going to make my life much easier ! :slight_smile: