Component visualizer context menu doesn't appear


I’ve made a module with a custom component, and a component visualizer. I’ve managed to get the visualizer to draw a test line from the component to world 0,0,0, so that works.
The problem I’m facing now is that the context menu is still the standard AActor context menu. It doesn’t use my custom context menu.

I registered the component visualizer with the custom component in my StartupModule:

	TSharedPtr<FComponentVisualizer> Visualizer = MakeShareable(new FGraphVisualizer);

	if (Visualizer.IsValid())
		GUnrealEd->RegisterComponentVisualizer(UGraphVisualizerComponent::StaticClass()->GetFName(), Visualizer);

When I right click on my object, the GenerateContextMenu function doesn’t fire. First I thought that maybe I needed to actually click on that component so I moved my mesh inside that component (derived it from UStaticMeshComponent) but it still doesn’t work.
What do I need to do in order to get the component visualizer to actually fire the GenerateContextMenu function?

Apparently the context menu is generated only when you right click on something that was drawn by the visualizer … which makes sense but wasn’t really all that intuitive.