Component Variable overrides getting stuck

I have a small issue where a blueprint actor class containing a component is stuck overriding component variable values. Has anyone seen this? Is there a fix?

I have two blueprints → MyActor and MyComp. MyActor has MyComp as component. MyComp has FVector variable called vec.

In MyComp: I set vec to 1,0,0.

In MyActor: I notice that MyCompvec is 1,0,0. This makes sense.

In MyActor: I set MyCompvec to 0,0,0. Yellow arrow appears (reset to default) this makes sense.
I click reset to default.

In MyComp: I set vec to 2,0,0

In MyActor: I expect that MyCompvec is 2,0,0 however it is 1,0,0. and yellow arrow is visible.
Now myActorMyCompvec is stuck overriding original from MyComp.