Component 'SpringArm'

Who can help me. I can’t understand what does this component SpringArm

Hi MaeID,

The spring arm is a component that tries to prevent collisions for whatever it has attached.

Imagine a 3rd person game where the camera hovers behind the player. You don’t want the camera to collide with geometry, so the spring arm checks every frame and will pull in the attached object if there is a collision (imagine it is a spring that compresses whenever it hits something). It’s mostly used to attach a camera to, but you can attach anything you want to the slot.

The socket name is “SpringEndpoint” (USpringArmComponent::SocketName in C++), and anything attached to that socket will get pulled in to avoid a collision if the trace hits something.

Michael Noland

Great explanation, Michael, thank you!
(I’d just come with the same question)