Component Overlap with custom params

Hello. I’m making a 3D grid of cubes for some collision detection in the level (for other stuff I will try to implement later) and I create bounding boxes on a loop and add a custom function for each of them when they overlap with OnComponentBeginOverlap. I only use one function for all.

I have a custom node that contains extra data like the cube ID, if its overlapped by something etc. That struct has the bounding box as well. So I can add 1000 nodes and each will contain the bounding box and extra data.

The problem is when the overlap function is called I dont know wich one from my array because all of the bounding boxex are linked to the same function.
How can I pass some extra data on the begin overlap function so I know that the bounding box that overlapped is from node 7 from example.
My implementation now is by substracting the name from the primitive and transforming it to Int. Im not sure that the right way to do it.