'"*" component on the "*" actor beforehand' error - anyone had this before?

Hey gang, anyone had this error before?

this could be a simple fix, but I generally don’t touch meshes etc., so I’m a bit clueless!

Can anyone shed light on it?

Thanks in advance!

Are you sure this is the full message?

What does it say in the output log when you run the game in the editor?

Thanks for your reply!

The output log says as follows:

LogBlueprintUserMessages: [AnimNotify_AkEvent_C_1] BP_PlayerCharacter_C_0.CharacterMesh0 SK_CharM_Barbarous component on the BP_PlayerCharacter actor beforehand.

LogBlueprintUserMessages: [AnimNotify_AkEvent_C_0] NPC_Goblin_Level_01_C_0.CharacterMesh0 SK_Exodus_Gruntling component on the NPC_Goblin_Level_01 actor beforehand.

a sample of a couple of the many notifications saying much the same thing. This suggests to me that something is happening during the notify event I’ve set up (events to trigger sfx using Wwise Audio Software by AudioKinetic, hence the ‘AkEvent’ part).

I’ll play around with it, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

It might be worth asking on the AudioKinetic forum if it’s not UE related.

I’m not sure if it is purely AudioKinetic related, otherwise I’d be able to see it in the Wwise program profiler (a tool specifically for Debugging) - I think it’s potentially still UE related because it’s mentioning Meshes and components - I’m just not sure how to break it down/figure it out. I’ll ask on those forums anyway, but if anyone can help me break down the issue so I can figure it out I’d really appreciate it. At the moment I can’t even tell whether “NPC_Goblin_Level_01_C_0.CharacterMesh0 SK_Exodus_Gruntling” is all one thing, or whether it’s broken down into several actors within a single sentence, much like a PC file inside different folders.

‘NPC_Goblin_Level_01_C_0’ refers to a spawned in character. So does ‘BP_PlayerCharacter_C_0’ (which is obviously the player’s character). Then everything after is just referring to the Skeletal Mesh instance.

The issue here is that the error message is useless. ‘component on the actor beforehand’ - it’s not a complete sentence so I can’t figure out what the issue is.
Maybe there’s an option on the SkeletalMesh that needs to be enabled so AnimNotifies work? I have no idea.