Component not following scene root rotation

Hi, really struggling to make this works. I guess I don’t understand how rotation works.

The setup is easy, just a static mesh component inherited which is the root and a widget. I want the widget to stay in the same relative position to the parent when the blueprint rotates. So I did a function to set up the widget where I like it and following that set relative rotation using the rotation of the static mesh. But it is not working!!

I am attaching some screenshots of what I get when the blueprint rotates. This is what happens when the bp rotates 12 degrees in X, Y and Z, you cannot see the widget when it rotates in Z because it is behind the mesh.

Many thanks

This is what happens when I rotate it 12 degrees, in X, Y and Z.

Solved it! Just got a socket in the mesh and use the location and rotation of the socket, that works just fine. In any case, still don’t fully understand how rotation works. I tried with a more developed version of the bp using a scene component as a parent of the widget. I zeroed out the scene component, set the location of the scene component (relative and absolute, I tried with both), and use the rotation (both relative and absolute) of the scene root (mesh inherited) to rotate the scene component. Surprisingly it didn’t work, I was very positive about it. I guess you need to be positive all the time to deal with all this, right? In any case, it didn’t work but it was closer than my previous version.