Just as you can only view one Component at a time, and can delete the rest once you’ve got one good one - is same true for the Models that make up each Component? Can you delete all but the one good model, or are they additive, viewed superimposed together?

Having done Select marginal triangles and Filtered that Selection out (makes new model) can you delete all the other models, or maybe just the model that the marginal triangles were Select/Filtered from?

Hi Tom,

they are all seperate, individual entities with no dependencies whatsoever. And only the active one will be displayed…

Choose a best one containing all that’s needed, after Reconstruction, so the rest can be deleted? Then what are ‘the rest’ - failed attempts? As well as some being a preserved original before Filtering.

I realise, what I was thinking of is the third sub sub division - these Models ea consist of Parts, all of which are needed, as they form different areas of the whole Model.

So would deleting Parts be one way to trim away unwanted bits of the Component - or would that upset dependencies?

Hi Tom,

not quite sure what you mean in the first sentence…

So you are talking about the individual parts that one model consists of? I don’t see why deleting some of them should be an issue. But try it out if in doubt!  :slight_smile:

I suspect that the filtering tool might be quicker though, depending on the complexity…