Component Climbing System

Hello Everyone! This is my Component Climbing system!
This is a climbing system that allows your player to climb components that in turn allow you to climb pretty much anything, even AI Characters. It is entirely made with Blueprint Scripting and is heavily commented for additional user modifications.

Coming Soon (Not in order)
-Standing Orientation - the character to keeps its standing orientation, allowing for a wall running feel
-Multiplayer Support - networking the ClingComponent fully
-Climbing AI - allows AI to detect and climb the ClingObjects as well
-Other potential ideas!

Here is the a link to the Marketplace Page!
If you have any comments/feedback/advice, you can reply to this forum!

Showcase Videos

-Object Types

-Adjacent Grabbing

-AI Traversal

-Giant AI Boss Fight

Resolved, it’s pretty much good to go / be in 4.22 ! ( was just that 4.22 editor didn’t recreate the custom collision channels (damageable and clingable), it works fine after that.)