Complex Solidworks models missing parts - 4.25

I’m currently using Datasmith to process a lot of SLDASM files. On some of the files I’ve imported where parts are missing, I’m seeing the warning:

I have one file where I’m seeing this for about 20 files. The thing is, I can import this file into Maya with all of the parts represented using the SimLab Solidworks plugin.

I saw a similar post here, but I didn’t want to bring it back from the dead, so I figured I’d post a new one. @ThomasC_Epic had mentioned at the time that:

Looking at the object hierarchies in Maya, it does appear that it could be the same issue. In Maya, I’m seeing a root-level transform, a child transform, and a mesh on the objects that are in the Unreal import of the Solidworks file. But for the objects that are not showing up, the transform hierarchies go one or more levels deeper. But, this isn’t always the case. Some of the one level deep hierarchies are not coming through either in Unreal upon import where they do in Maya.

I was thinking about building 4.25 from source and looking at the process, but not super confident I’d be able to understand what is going on.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the feedback.

Can you share some of the problematic models ? That would greatly help us investigate any remaining issues.


@ThomasC_Epic thanks so much for offering to take a look. Is there a way to send a file or two confidentially?

Edit: Nvm, I see your PM :slight_smile: