Complex Smoke VFX

Hey all, hope all is well. I’m trying to create a smoke effect that starts out from the ground and builds up vertically and behaves like fog, then begins to form into a silhouette of a character. I have a general idea of how I might go about it - possibly controlling it though Maya’s particle system, as I’ve seen some people do for fire. Though if I could do it all in Cascade, that would be cool too. As a bonus, I’m trying to have it collide with wall and not clip though, as the smoke figure will be walking around. I know there’s collision detection in UE which is easy to do, so that’s not a concern right now, the vital part is controlling the smoke effects how I want it to. (I also though of having a simple figure model that the particles attach themselves to, but need a starting point on getting that working).

Any who! Guidance in the right direction on going about this is much appreciated. :).

its going to be near impossible to make all that. There are no goal weights as maya has them. Also smoke wants to expand and grow, so to make to grow then condense into a form always looks weird/bad just as an FX in game or film. You could build a character that emits smoke from the skeletons mmm ish. I’d start with the Content Examples > Particle level demo of guy with burning arms. That at least will get you a character pipeline with smoke. but doing the rest… if I was tasked that on a project I’d talk to them about other ideas to get the point across. Its just not going to be straight forward.
My recommendation Spawn effect thats “Poof!” smoke character is there, and a despawn fx if he needs to disappear to go onto a gas form. Then the body of the character is emitting smoke. There’s a lot to test in there already, but at least its doable.

Hmmm, interesting. Makes sense. I’ll run some test to see what I can do, and update this thread. Of course if anyone else has any insight, please feel free to chime in.

Like dave said, Also about the smoke not clipping through walls the only things u can do is either kill the smoke by adding a collision event (which will look weird) or use a softness intersection method like depth fade.