Complex Shaders / Materials

Those 2 links are what im looking for. Skin eyes and hair of extreme high quality with those methods. May also want more optimized versions afterward.

If you are able , can get it to me in a reasonable amount of time, and are willing then hit me up here or on skype kurylo3d.

This is a paid contract. So looking for quotes and time frames.

Are you looking to texture one specific character model? The reason I ask is, the facial texture maps and such would generally be specific to the character so it likely wouldn’t be a case of making one shader and using it on a dozen different characters for instance.

Well the shader could be used on a dozen different characters if the texture maps are replaced with ones for each character.

So you are looking for the shader portion only?

Yes, you could let me know the type of textures that you need as it goes on.