Complex save game with actors and loading them

Some of you may remember my recent post regarding persistence of game world. After some deep consideration we have decided change our plans and postpone whole multiplayer game for later and try to create something simpler first, sort of a prequel to the main game.

Basic idea is a single player game where you can build a map filled with traps, puzzles and other interactive elements. Such map can be then uploaded to remote server. Other players can download it and try to solve that map. There will be some leaderboards and some other small details I am leaving out intentionally here.

Anyway what I am concerned most is about saving that map. I’ve watched big pile of video tutorials regarding UE save system, but all of them are concerned about saving just a couple of variables. Is it actually good tool to save a whole map using that? I haven’t found any information regarding saving actors. Something like this seems fairly easy and save file apparently has this information stored.

However I am not sure about loading such map. Considering that there is an array of generic Actor references, can I spawn them dynamically based on this array? Since there is only Spawn Actor from Class, how I am supposed to get that class? Do I need need to do something nasty like trying to cast that actor to every one I will be serializing?

Or is this completely wrong and I will need to handle it on my own, perhaps even custom C++ code?