Complex level creation and setup

I’m curious about the workflow for creating a complex environment. I have a ship that is underwater and rotated on its side. I’d like to work on the ship in an axis-oriented state so that its simple to work on (add doorways and props, etc). I thought maybe I could group it so that I could work on the ship and then rotate into place, but groups don’t have transforms so I couldn’t 0 out the rotation to go back and iterate on the ship. What’s the approach for working on something like this?

You could do this in your modeling package and then import it into engine. Seems to be the easiest way to do what you’re looking for.

If I did that I wouldn’t be able to instance meshes and props around inside of the ship. Its going to probably end up being hundreds of actors, so its not something I could put together in a 3d package.

Set up a parent and children relationship.
The parent will have the main rotation and position transforms.
Instanced components will be children that you should initially set to zero (adopting only the parent transforms and axis).
Transform the child components independently into place. At least this way you will be able to move objects later all at once by selecting the top node.

You can use the ship as the parent, or use a note object like a dummy.
To setup a child, just drag the asset onto the parent in the node tree / scene explorer.

Thanks, that’s getting closer to what I was looking for. I was unable to make BSPs children of the Note though, so that was an unfortunate limitation.

I was also thinking I could make the ship using a blueprint, but I don’t see a way to reference blueprints into other blueprints. For example, I have a door blueprint, which I would like to add to a room blueprint, which would then be added to a ship blueprint. Is that possible?