Complex Hack and Slash Tutorial?


Is there any tutorial or something similar to clean my mind about a complex hack and slash combat?

I made a combat combo where each attack, i have to press J for each animation attack, but i want one that is like J+J+K. Example: Animation 1 = J, Animation 2 = J, then Animation 3 = K and each all of those animations has to follow in a order to execute it.

I did another one similar but the final animation, i had to press J+K at the same time to execute it. Example: J+J+(J+K)

You know, a combat like DMC4.

Thanks for the answers!

did you find the solution to your problem? the way to do this is through anim montages, basically you setup a montage with different animations, then you separate them into sections… then in blueprints on button press you can add to an int variable and cycle through each section on a switch on int montage jump to section, sorry i’m so late with an answer, I don’t normally answer questions… too busy lol…but just in case anyone else is looking, there ya go…

Oh i badly want this too! I saw a twinblade sort-of-action combat inside matketplace but i don’t think my current project can handle that. A tutorial in making one from scratch would be veeeeeery helpful.

@thread, If OP doesn’t know where to start, my guess would be also by anim montages.
You press one key = Idle>Montage>Idle
You press it twice = Idle>Montage>Check if pressed again in Xsec>Montage anim 2(Or a single montage with 2 combos if you want to make a Fatality sort of thing)>Idle

That would be my guess. I’m a begginer so i can’t really show you how the blueprints should work but the workflow should be something like that. If you get an answer please contact me, i need it as badly as you

Since we are talking about Montages, can someone tell me how do i set a montage to a single direction? If i set a stop walking montage when i release W, it also plays everytime i walk in diagonal sides (W+A/W+D, crouched or not). How can i set it up just to Walking AND forward animation?


Bump this thread please!!!
I am curios on this, I found Input buffer but i want to make it myself.
Gonna write stuff down and plan and if i find something i let you all know.

i’m 100% sure the fighting plugin made by epic game team could work with a hack and slash game, since you can chain combos there too