Complex Enemy Movement


I am trying to implement an enemy and dont really have any idea where to start as this enemy is quite different to a normal bad guy.

I am trying to implement an enemy that has multiple components placed beind it that act both as an individual and as a unit. The idea is to have a leader (head) that moves around the map with spinal bones that follw the head wherever it may go. If the leader (head) dies then the rest of the bones carry on as the 2nd bone immedietly becomes the leader. Each link in the chain is supposed to follow the one infront of regardless of which links the player kills the enemy still acts as a unit

This is difficult as I dont want all of the bones to just follow the leader as when the leader stops they will all be gathered around him. Instead I want them to all be walking in a lineā€¦ They need to follow the member infront of them.

I have thought about using inheritence to do this but Im not too good at it and whenever I start making a blueprint before scrapping it and coming up with another method. Im not sure how Im to approach this.

The best example of this is probably the old Galaga games.