Complex collision from another model?

This is going to be a bit hard to explain. Is it possible to use another mesh as a “complex collision as simple” (aka per poly collision)?

For example given the following mesh

I have hand crafted a low poly collision mesh

Is it possible to use that custom collision mesh as a per-poly collider for the more complex mesh? I would rather not be forced to use the engine’s built in collision generation, or be forced to use UCX colliders.

And this mesh is just an example. I have more complex meshes I would like to use (e.g. concave shapes) which make per poly collision easiest to use, seeing as I also want very precise collision detection.

Well, couldn`t you just set the custom mesh you want to use as a complex collision to same spot in the map as the visual mesh you want to use is, and set the material of the collision mesh invisible and remove the collision of the visual mesh alltogether?

That`s how I handle some of my non character skeletal meshes made for BG.

Normally you’d have the collision mesh named UCX_meshname in your FBX file

I believe the simple answer is yes, unless I’m misunderstanding what you are asking.