Complex collision for different object

Hi, bad English here. I have low poly cave, with extreme amount of polygons:

It is known that, if you set this as complex collision you will get poor perfomance, because it “renders” twice.
But, what if i duplicate it and cut out the entire upper part, it will be better!

And besides, i can reduse the density polygons with dyntopo in sculpt mode by simplifing it.
Is it better? Is it even possible?!

Another example! I have giant “root”, and i wanna make collision for it, so my character can walk and climb on it! The collision should be “almost” accurate! This “root” have too many polygons…

But what if i make it different object for it?! Like that:

I think, this is way better!

I wanna know how can i do it, and what can be possible tips(press some buttons) for make it more optimized.

You’ve made this in some modeling software, right? Why not make the collision there?

I don’t fully understand your question, but I’m using Blender modeling software. I’ve already tried simple collisions, but they were limited to simple shapes and convex hulls. Now I’m trying to figure out how to do this separately from the object.

Rather than using complex collision in UE, you could probably make a more efficient collision on Blender. I’m not a blender guru, so I don’t know exactly how, but I’m assuming it will be more easy than in UE.

Look into UCX if you want custom efficient collision:

Doing this in directly in UE4 is doable but truly backbreaking…

Guys… xD you don’t get it. UCX (convex hull) is wrapping whole geometry from outside.
Even in the video he lost geometry in UE4 collision.


I wanna make simplified version of the object and make Complex collision for it, without rendering mesh and only collision, and uncheck possible renders/buffers to optimize it.

In that case, just use two static meshes: the first one is the render mesh that has collision disabled and visibility enabled, and the second one is the collision mesh that has (complex) collision enabled and visibility disabled.

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