Complex Character Customization System

Hello everyone, This is system i sm creating is a bit more complex then the usual, i wanna start by describing the process then an example or two and hopefully someone can direct me to the right path.

First of all this system is based on Roles, in the open world the players by default are set as Adventure Role (Non-Combat Role). Once they Approach a Dungeon or Quest or Enter a 1Vs1 Duel Challenge they will automatically get an option to select which Role they want to combat in (Ninja, Archer etc)

The Complex part is that Each Role has its own Inventory, HUD, Leveling system, Abilities and Attacks, Clothing and Armoury, Achievements and Progress and etc so its not as simple as putting a character mesh selection.

Example 1: If anyone have heard of a game called Free Realms back in 2009 they had such a system, if you search up Free Realms on Youtube you will see how it works.

Example 2: This is a different system but you can adjust it to my system, BattleField 4 you can pick Classes like Assault, Support, Recon and such. Each one of them has its own Guns and Level and Abilities and Specialties.

Solution: From the people i asked and my research i found one way which is Creating the main Player_BP and set it as a normal BP and make it my (Adventure Role) and from there i create a Child BP and make one for each Sub Role, from there i put my customization for each role to its BP. For Abilities and attacks and Inventory and Clothing and such, i can use GamePlay Tags and Game Ability System to Filter and Restrict them to each Sub Role. Even the Hud ill Assign each HUD to its Child Player Bp


I honestly dont know if this will work like this or if there are better ways but i tried to ask everywhere and no one has the answer. if anyone here can find a solution ill be grateful