complex ai blueprint

Hi all…
i want to make complex ai blueprint with some events like “SeeEnemy” or “Hear Noise”, and call other ai …

like Splinter Cell Stealth game, using light and sound for AI detection.
its posible in blueprint ???

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i recommend you this one, great tutorial by one of the members here

It is but it doesn’t require all that stuff you’re asking about. As far as ‘seeing’ the other player goes it’s just a question of distance and asking whether or not the pawn in pointing at the player. If the player is within 500 meters and the enemy is pointed towards him then the enemy will attack so long as the view is unobstructed (in other words, we can ‘assume’ he has been seen). The point is, the enemies don’t actually ‘see’ the player, they follow instructions based upon conditions. You could also just as easily set a distance at which certain movements by the player will trigger the enemy to chase him. For instance if the enemy is within 500 meters of the player and he walks or runs the enemy will ‘hear’ him and come chasing, where as if he walks crouched or crawls the enemy can’t ‘hear’ him and therefore does not chase after him. It’s not so much a question of actually being able to ‘see’ or ‘hear’ the player so much as it’s a question of what the enemy pawn is allowed to do under certain circumstances. If it did come down to actually ‘seeing’ a player the computer would always win because it ‘sees’ you from the moment you pop up on screen. LOL

There are built in classes for bot seeing and hearing, they’re called pawn sensing component and pawn noise emitter. These fire off events when pawns are spotted or when another pawn activates the noise emitter and the bot pawn ‘hears’ the noise. You can build off of these events to make complex behavior.

As for light, that is tricky as I don’t think there is a built in method for evaluating how much light is hitting something, one way to fake it would be to use trigger volumes where shadows are and use them to set a variable that represents your characters visibility and affects the AI’s sight radius.

thanks …
but still confusing to how build light BLUEPRINT for player detection.