Completly wrong mapping after Rhino CAD import

What supposed to work in my previous projects now doesn’t work anymore. Geometry imported through CAD/Datasmith import from Rhino 6 3dm file has completely wrong UV layout.

Mesh object has offset UV layout so it doesn’t match with the texture. Polysurface object doesn’t have any UV layout which would even look similar to the original.

I’m using UE 4.22 but the same happens in 4.21. The saddest thing is that it worked just fine in 4.21 in my previous projects!

Since exploring, watching different design options inside Rhino has quite a few flaws, many Rhino users count on you. The same could be said about the current Datasmith workflow for Rhino in UE4 - it has some flaws. I even noticed regression from between 4.21 and 4.22.

I would like to mention a couple of important things related to Rhino -> UE4 workflow - especially about meshes and textures. I hope you can give us some sneek peeks of the work on the new Datasmith Importer for Rhino.

I’m interested in how you will treat things like Rhino blocks? Right now UE4 understands that Blocks have the same geometry inside and imports only one set of geometry.
Even if Blocks are non-uniformly scaled, UE4 still handles it nicely.

However, UE4 shows 0 understanding about texture mapping of that geometry inside Blocks. I really hope that this thing can get a smart solution. Sometimes it could be a difference between importing 10 meshes vs 10 000 meshes if we need them to be mapped correctly.

Render Meshes
Another thing which interests me is Render Meshes.
Most of the time, in Rhino we make NURBS geometry, but every geometry has its own Render Mesh to represent how it looks on the computer screen.
Without changing anything in NURBS geometry, we can apply some modifications to their Render Meshes - make them more/less dense, apply Edge Softening (very important for nice looking results) or Shut Lining.
I wonder what are your thoughts about supporting those modifications.
It would be lovely if Datasmith Import Options would have more options to specify how we want our 3dm files to be handled.