Completely rotate spline points (Including roll)

How to completely rotate spline points in editor when building spline?

Doing this in your spline’s construction script will allow you to roll your spline at specific points.

Take the return from add spline mesh component and set start and end roll with return from “Get rotation at point”. Do this for (index) and (index + 1) of the points on the spline, make sure to get the x value from that rotator, as that is the roll.

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What is that float variable you’re dividing by?

I’d like to know too I can’t get my splines to rotate

How can I set spline points roll and yaw

Correction - this works so long as this section from Ryan’s example is not included:

Sigh… no, it still doesn’t work. It seems to work ok on small splines, but when you’re dealing with longer splines with multiple points adjusting the roll on the spline point you want to change instead rolls another spline further ahead or behind…

After some testing, a Float of 55.0 works in that variable. My rotation grid snap is set at 5 degrees, and at 90 degrees the spline point was vertical, 90 degrees up from horizontal.

I’m using Ryan Laley’s spline tutorial (Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Splines - Spline Meshes - YouTube) and was able to insert this after the Set Collision Enabled node and before the Set Forward Axis node.

Everything working well so far.

Edit: attaching a higher res image of LostScout’s as it was difficult to make out.

The issue is that break rotator seems to output euler angles while set roll nodes consume radians. The solution is to use a degrees to radians (r2d ) node. The value of 55 seems close and good enough, but it should be 180 / pi.