Completely non-steam dependant host your own easy - Online matchmaking solution

In building my game(s) out. I didn’t want to rely on any third parties for anything so I built out an independent match making system for muplitplayer needs.
It consists of a Java deployed app which can be deployed on many different FREE hosters(or any java hosting capable server like tomcat) in a matter of seconds.

Using my own modified version of the free JSON plugin for blueprints I was able to completely program a well working match making system in blueprints, complete with listing, sorting and maintaining games list that people are publicly hosting. This isn’t an online server for people to connect to. Its for people to start hosting a game and when others search for online games it downloads the real-time list of ongoing games and allows them to double click to join them (like standard mainstream public match making).

Was just wondering if theres any use for a system like this for anyone else. I’d need to rework some of the code to make it more sell-able friendly as well as write out a simple doc to get from start to finish using a free hoster and deploying the java app etc. Was thinking about putting together a package and selling it most likely on Gumroad since its not just a blueprint system, but also a java app as well. I’d see if theyd accept it. But either way, would there be a need for this or is everyone just using steam these days?

hmm… bump?

That would be cool if it was a plugin and worked similar to how the built in stuff works, but with wan.

I definitely think there’s a market for a plugin like this.

YES. This sort of thing is needed.

hmm… thanks so far for the comments. Was hoping for a little bit more response considering how many MP games people seem to be developing here.

A side note, it wouldnt really be a plug-in I dont think.
It’d basically be a package that contains a project with a custom blueprint gameinstance that has all of the functions built out to work with the java server that hosts the game lists.

All users would need to do is copy the JSON plugin to their project and then import the custom game instance.

When a player hosts a game and chooses WAN, then it automatically grabs all of the game options, host info, etc and uploads it to the server list (Java app).
When another player checks for current games to join it will see that game in a list with all others. Clicking on a game in the list joins it.

Sounds pretty useful. Would the source be included? Some concerns I would have if not would be:

  • How does it scale when you need to distribute the load over more than one machine using a load balancer?
  • How would you customize the server-side matchmaking logic?

Ihaven’t thought about it too much but I think the source would have to be included. If not I’d have to rework the code to allow customizations. I.e. maybe your game has options my default doesnt and you want to include those listed in the game etc.

Matchmaking is simple, options would all be programmed client side and sent up when the game is made. Server side would simply store the lists of games available and delete when the clients end their games. The options of what details are stored and presented to clients needs to be customizable so the client can choose what options they’d like to see. The logic on server side connects the searching player to the hosting player via IP. Thats standard.

I wouldn’t worry about lack of response, seems some pretty cool and important stuff get’s overlooked on the forum quite constantly. Once it is available and word spreads more will notice.