Completely new to C++ (Help Appreciated)

I am a blank slate, but very interested in learning c++ and UE4. You all being in the industry and working professionals, any info on good starting points, tutorials, books, websites, tips, advice, etc, would be **massively appreciated. **

Remember i am a complete programming noob. People keep telling me to learn JS or something easier first, but i dont really want to, so lets just leave it at that haha. i know basic html and css but thats the extent of it. I am a graphic designer and want to get into game development. thanks in advance!

Learn basic c++ first, then try to get the workflow of the engine. Learning c++ and blueprints at the same time is great, as you learn c++ syntax, and with blueprint you learn how the engine works, you can later translate logic from blueprint to C++.
Some great places to start is C++ Language - C++ Tutorials ,
This is a great book, i learnt c++ with it,d.ZWUhttp://
I recommend you go through the blueprint tutorial first, or learn at the same time. And of course, full theory goes anywhere, after you find that you have a slight idea, try to start to create stuff, and learn the things you need to create things.

C++ can be intimidating to the new user. I have only been coding a couple years, but it took me quite some time to get the hang of it. Thank the gods we are on a forum with TONS of helpful and knowledgeable people. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in private messages or ask in forums. These guys ROCK!

Still waiting on that quad core processor to get my Unreal engine…le siiiiigh. It will come though, soon. Until then, I study programming and GAME.

Learn blueprints first, they will force object oriented programming on you. When you get idea how classes , instances, pointers (references) work you can slowly start learning C++.
Look how to make custom blueprint in C++, then move bps you created from editor to C++ code. Blueprints are one cool massive tutorial about classes in unreal engine.
Don’t learn backwards, you waste time and get frustrated trying to code when you don’t know C++ and unreal classes.

Its also my plan, but i am done with C++ learning part.