Completely new! Are there any tools I need?

Hello, I’m completely new to Unreal Engine, I was told by many people to pick this engine over Unity. I was hoping to make a single player game, maybe with multiplayer if I can think of anything that can relate to the game into a multiplayer aspect. I was wondering what tools I may need to design models, my own textures or any other asset I will need to make. I was also hoping to put the game up for sale once completed for multiple platforms providing if I can afford the license if one is needed. I’m not too sure where to start with it all really! I have a game plan in my head though but obviously I will need some basic player mechanics first.

Also if I do put the game up for sale, am I able to use any free assets I find or do I need to make everything myself?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

For starters, I’d say just general access to the internet to look up things you’ll need to learn.

>tools I may need to design models
You might want to look into blender it’s a free 3D modelling suite, it’s not industry standard like maya or 3D max (These come with a heavy price) but it holds it’s own, especially if you’re new to this. Also Microsoft Visual Studio is installable from inside of unreal engine when you go to set up a C++ project (You can do your whole game with the visual scripting language blueprint if you like, there’s tons of documentation out on this subject and which way to go for your project’s logic needs).

For now if you’re confused as to where to start, I’d recommend just installing Unreal Engine messing around with a few of the starter projects, getting used to the navigation controls of unreal engine. Also I can’t stress this enough, youtube, and the unreal engine ansewerhub/documentation are god tier resources.

I started only a year ago but feel like I have leaps and bounds a better understanding of where everything is, and how it all works. The way the engine is setup there’s tons of stuff that will keep blowing your mind. All in all you just have to start somewhere, and make sure to practice and experiment.

P.S. Don’t buy things from the marketplace willy nilly for your project. Some of the logic based stuff may break your project or end up not being useable from a compatibillity or artistic stand point.

thanks for thew post man!