(Completed!) How can I count the seconds that we keep a key pressed?

Search for Get Input Key Time Down node in the Library.

I want to make a camera shake like heavy breating if player runs 5 seconds or more. Can you help me with the blueprints?

I’ve done it! Here is the blueprint;

There is no node called Get Input Key Time Down :frowning:

I’m pretty sure there is.


Thank you! I’ve found it. But I couldn’t manage to do what I wanted. Can you help me with the blue print? What other nodes should I use?

Well, you’ll need to take that time down value and compare it to the value you want. And if the compare(bool) is true, then activate camera shake. I’m not able to set it up for you right now but you can get more help in the forums if you cant manage it yourself.

This mine secret level load logic.
work like this: if you hold 5 sec vive controllers down button load this level.

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Thanks for this! very helpful.
I am adapting your BP. Basically I want the user to hold the trigger for 5 seconds then it fades and loads the next level. As it is now you have to release the trigger in order for the fade to begin at the 5 second mark. I’ve tried all combinations of pressed/released/open/close in the gate with no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!!