[Completed] Game Design Document Template for you all!

Hey everyone!

Me and a few others have put together a GDD for you all that do not have one yet.

Go to File -> Make Copy to make a the GDD your own. :slight_smile:

Just keep the license and credits section intact. We did work so you don’t have to do more than you have to. :slight_smile:

-Benjamin “HeadClot” Stanley

It is a nice effort from you guys. It still missing some stuff like UI, Rating, target audience,…etc. but it is a nice way to go !:slight_smile:

thanks for this, it will be deemed very useful :smiley:

Thanks alot !

Ah fair enough - I will add those in. ASAP :slight_smile:

A great idea and contribution Benjamin…thanks!

Thanks, This is realy useful.