Complete two objectives to progress to next level?

I have two separate actors, with the same blueprint and a box collision.


The intention is to track when the player has interacted with the collision box, similar to a button being pressed. Both collisions need to be interacted with, not at the same time, but both just need to be interacted with once before the next map is loaded. So like two objectives need to be completed before progressing.

How would I do this? I’m stumped!

Thanks guys,

Anyone have any ideas how to do this? Help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Dan.Stephen,

I’d put a boolean value for each of the two objects within your player character. When you perform the action (i.e: trigger the collision box), cast from the actor to your player and set the relevant boolean to true. To complete the level, all you’ll have to do is run a boolean check to see if both bools have been triggered.

Thanks Adam Davis,

I’m still a bit stuck with how boolean’s work, since i’m new to blueprints. I’m wondering if it would be possible to get a little more detailed direction. Basically I have two playable characters; the main character and a possessable pawn. They are connected to their own separate actors, in which they can trigger the overlap. I have fire particles attached at the moment to indicate that they have been triggered. That part is working correctly, but I just want to have what you suggested, where I want to check whether those interactions have been made before loading the next map.

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Thanks again