Complete RPG


Hello! Here you can write your suggestions for project updates.
Also, here you can find a document with project updates. If you are using the old version, I have a detailed explanation of how and what to change.
I hope you are satisfied with the project!
If you have any questions, please contact in discord.

Current Suggestions:

  • Controller support | Complited
  • Implementation with Dynamic Combat System | Complited
  • Ladder | Complited
  • Swimming | Complited
  • Destroyable loot objects | Complited
  • Spawn areas | Complited
  • Locked Doors | Complited
  • AI can call allies | Complited
  • Multimap support | Complited
  • Close Combat | Complited
  • Minimap Run Animation | Complited


hello is possible building système ] ??

Yes, it is possible, I will add this system to the project later

Hello, thank you for youre job. Could you please help me add new mesh for player character to the game.
As you wrote in tech doc, for changing i need to rebuild all.
But if i change for example only mesh?
Or if character what i add wil have personal animation what happend?
Thank you in advance/

I am sorry for the dealy, it is better to contact me in discord

Loot bag as a drop item, you can ‘use’ this item and you get loot bag is consumed.
‘Salvaging’ items for their raw materials, using a kit item
A Player bank or home stash.
rope climbing

Please please pretty please. Can we have gathering and workstations added to the to do list. And maybe even farming in the distant future. No preasure :wink:
Gatherng like. Tree cutting. Minning. Picking pruduce. Etc.

Workstations like: an area that the character must go to in order to be able to do a certain type of crafting. And, because it is sizeable we could put any type of objecte within it.(edited)
So for instance. You would set a work area and designate it as a carpentry station. Then I could find a model of a carpenters workbench and place it inside the area.

Hell , can you add xbox or PS gamepad support?

Hello , can you add xbox or PS gamepad support?


I would like to suggest few features and fixes:

  1. NPC with routines (i.e. NPC1 at 10am drinking beer, at 11am standing and guarding the post) - Very desired
  2. Fire in bonfire should both hurt NPC’s and player
  3. When in combat: player and NPC should block hits only if they are facing each other. - Right now player (and presumably NPC’s) can block attacks even if they are facing their backs to the enemy.
  4. Journal: a) should have ability to add new entries when mission passes to the next stage. b) Completed quest should have their own category.
  5. When player interact with item some animation should play. (i.e. pickup animation, or simple anim of pulling a lever).
    Thank you in advance!

Hi thanks for this great project,

I would like to know if you have a video to integrate the dynamic combat bundle with this RPG project?

So would I. I already have the DCS and would like to use it.

Any updates on the Multiplayer?

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Please make the spell system modular so it can be easily removed like the other components

Hi there :wink: Random loot generator, radom enemy respawns with random abilities , random world events (quests) , gambling ,player can have a market and sell goods for ai ,agriculture. Destructible world. Wheater affects world (flood, after lighting storm hits it burn forliage and buildings made, cold freezes water etc. snow on landscapes) foliage growth. Reputation system like in Bethesda games, Fishing,Hunting wild animals.Population and growing up system for ai/npc. Disease for populations like vampirism,zombie,flu that creates dynamic events.Gore system,factions

Any update on the multiplayer? This would determine if I get the asset or not. Thanks!