Complete Nvidia Apex Clothing and Physx Lab Integration?

Hi, does anyone here know if Epic Games is ever going to fully integrate the Apex Clothing Tool and Physx Lab into Unreal Engine 4? Seriously everyone that’s like the only flaw I think Unreal has. For god’s sake all of you should know that Cryengine has the Physx Engine fully integrated and even Unity3d of all game engines has the Physx Engine actually integrated as well(although Unity’s Physx are the buggiest of the buggy)! As such I don’t see a reason why Epic doesn’t fully integrate the Physx Engine to free developer’s from having to go back and forth between Apex Clothing Tool then export to Unreal or export destruction assets from Physx Lab to Unreal. If you all ask me this should be taken into heavily consideration as it would help developer’s work faster in the regard of character clothing along with other cloth material and of course it’ll also help with destruction assets from Physx Lab. So please Epic these features should have come with Unreal Engine 4 since it wasn’t in Unreal Engine 3! However knowing you guys at Epic you’ll likely find the solution that a lot of developers here need!

Hi Alexarah04,

PhysX is already integrated in UE4. While there are always improvements to be made, I’m not aware of any plans to make the tools a replacement for PhysX Labs or the Clothing Tool provided by NVIDIA.

With Destruction specifically you can create a voronoi and FBX chunk style destruction within UE4 with up to 1 depth layer for destruction. Anything beyond you’ll either need to use PhysXLabs or the DCC Plugin for 3Ds Max/Maya.

With regards to Clothing, you can adjust the properties of how the cloth reacts via Person when the cloth apb file is assigned to a material in the skeletal mesh component. You would still need to use the DCC Plugin for Max/Maya or the standalone Clothing Tool to initially create your asset.

I’m not really familiar with CryEngine, but looking at the information out there it is using it’s own custom physics engine which would explain why they need the tools inside to create assets. Again, I’m not familiar with the software they use so I can’t speak to its usability compared to PhysXLabs or the Clothing Tool.

I did see a video with Unity that shows there setup of cloth within their editor. Whether this will ever be done for UE4 I’m not sure, but I’ll bring it to the attention of the engineers for consideration.

Ah okay I see that I misunderstood that part of the process in Unreal Engine 4. So yeah I’m still trying to properly use DAZ Genesis with the Clothing Tool but I’ll figure it out eventually. Anyway thanks for clearing things out for me Tim. Cheers bro!

If you’ve got questions about the Clothing Tool feel free to post them in Content Creation. I don’t mind offering some help and I know some of the other users here on the forums use the tool as well that may jump in to offer some tips.

The Standalone tool can take a little getting used to and I’m not too sure if there is a lot of documentation out there with it specifically. Most everything I’ve learned for it has been from jumping around settings and GeoDav’s video here:

I am using the Cloth tool from Nvidia. The problem I am having in UE4 is that the Skirt just falls to the ground it does not stay on the Character that is is weight painted to in UE4. I can’t seem to find any advice about how to set things up in UE4 beyond applying the apex file that was created in the Nvidia tool.

I am hoping Epic will provide more documentation and examples regarding setting up Player Characters and NPC characters with Cloth that was created in the Nvidia Cloth tool. I don’t own or plan to own Maya or 3Ds MAx.

I know what you mean and besides I’ve bought Maya and 3ds Max using Autodesk’s subscription plans and let me tell you Venged that I highly recommend you to not waste your time. 3ds Max and Maya aren’t nearly as marvelous as Autodesk talks like it is and it sure as hell ain’t worth no $3000 to $4000 dollars which is their default price without the subscription! To sum it all up Epic Games needs to lay off the Autodesk trash tutorials and make a tutorial that can be applied to any 3d package and for God’s sake Epic Games don’t be like CryTek’s lame tail to show arrogant Autodesk of all companies all the love and attention!

Epic sponsores Blender, so… :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I totally forgot about Blender and just so happens that I use Blender a lot lol.:rolleyes:

It is frustrating that there are no Character tutorials for related APEX Cloth except the Maya and 3Ds Max ones. I wish Epic would make a tutorial for APEX cloth on a rigged Character that takes you from the Nvidia Cloth Tool into UE4.

No matter what my pain I will never go to an Autodesk product though.



I really cannot wait for this tool :smiley:

Hi @Alexarah04,
Just a heads up that Pull Request #1113 partially if not fully solves deeper integration of PhysX Labs directly in the UE4 Editor and I would highly recommend that everyone provides their feedback and support for it to be merged into the UE4 main branch.

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